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Master Jensen has been studying Tae Kwon Do for over 20 years and is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt.  His instructor, Master Lenny Young, an 8th Degree Black Belt is the Regional Director of the Chin Mu Kwan Tae Kwon Do Federation.

Master Jensen has competed in many tournaments throughout Pennsylvania.  In that time, he has won numerous awards in disciplines such as forms, weapons, breaking and fighting.  In 2005 and 2009 Master Jensen was awarded 1st place in the Synchronized Form competition at the Chin Mu Kwan Tae Kwon Do Nationals.  Master Jensen has also earned the "Spirit of Tae Kwon Do" award from Master Young which is presented to the student that exemplifies the tenants of Tae Kwon Do .  In addition, Master Jensen has twice been named "Black Belt of the Year" by Master Young.

Master Jensen believes it is never too early or late to start training in Martial Arts! It is in the constant process of improving one's self both physically and mentally that Master Jensen believes the Martial Arts are invaluable to any person who wishes to train.